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Attend the Virtual Expo

A must-see destination for all virtual attendees

See who is exhibiting virtually and plan on making this year’s digital expo an important destination during your virtual conference journey.

  • Discover new, more cost-effective solutions to existing processes
  • Connect with new suppliers, customers, and business partners
  • Discuss emerging trends in the OEHS field and find new avenues to approach future issues and technologies
  • Upgrade your skills, knowledge, and on-the-job effectiveness
  • Cultivate new ideas and insights for your professional career

Connect with and support our loyal exhibitors by creating your Virtual MyPlanner!

The Virtual MyPlanner tool will allow you to:

  • Compile a must-connect-with list of exhibitors
  • Access to exclusive discounts and giveaways
  • Access to resources such as press releases, brochures, white pages, and video URLs
  • Create a list of new products you are interested in 
  • Save and email company contacts
  • Explore exhibitors' scheduled events

Take advantage of this tool and start maximizing your virtual event EXPerience today!

  1. Get started by going to the MyPlanner page and click on the "Create Your MyPlanner Account".
  2. Fill in all required fields on the registration page.
  3. By selecting "Yes" in the "Connect With Exhibitors" section, your name and email address will be shared with exhibitors you save to your MyPlanner.
  4. Click "Create Your Free Account" to complete your MyPlanner setup.

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