Notifications of inclusion in the virtual program were emailed in December 2021. If you are unable to participate in the virtual conference, please contact Colleen Manning, Program Director, eLearning at 1-703-846-0750.

Virtual Session Tips for Presenters

Some "day of" tips that might help:

  • At the beginning, welcome both the face-to-face and virtual audiences.
  • Explain to those in the face-to-face audience that the session is being broadcast live to virtual attendees.
  • Use the mouse (or words), not the laser pointer, for emphasis in your session. The virtual audience cannot see the laser pointer.
  • Speak clearly and be sure to use the microphone.
  • Keep movement to a minimum.
  • Be aware of any feedback or requests from the recording technician.
  • Be sure to repeat questions or comments so streaming audiences and recordings can capture it.
  • Include commentary from the remote audience when debriefing discussion questions. Your virtual moderator can assist with this.
  • Share your email address in case there are questions from the virtual audience that weren’t covered during the session or they’d like to ask a direct question. They don’t have the opportunity to catch you in the hallways to follow up like people on-site do.
  • Thank both the face-to-face and virtual audiences for participating.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone: Colleen Manning, Program Director, eLearning, at 1-703-846-0750.

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