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1093 - University of Alabama at Birmingham Student Presentations
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1544 - Analysis of Real-time Particulate Monitoring in Career, Volunteer, and Mixed Career-Volunteer Fire StationsView Poster
1656 - Development of a Condensable Particulate Matter GeneratorView Poster
1659 - Performance Evaluation of Powered Air-Purifying RespiratorsView Poster
1662 - Developing a Full-Body Methodology for Decontamination VisualizationView Poster
1665 - Evaluation of PM1 Size-selective SamplersView Poster
1668 - Heat Stress Risk Among New York City Public School Kitchen Workers: A Quantitative Exposure AssessmentView Poster
1676 - The Relationship between Parental Characteristic and Lead Knowledge in the Minimization of Lead Exposures in Philadelphia, PA.View Poster
1678 - Does the Use of a Nasal Lavage Intervention Improve Pulmonary Function for Dairy Workers?View Poster
1681 - Development and Evaluation of a Novel Surgical Smoke Removal DeviceView Poster
1684 - Effectiveness of a Low-cost Intervention: Changes to Cytokines and Microbiome Among Bioaerosol Exposed Dairy WorkersView Poster
1696 - Accuracy and Precision of Various Mercury Vapor AnalyzersView Poster
1698 - Carriage of MRSA Among Dairy Farm Workers in the High PlainsView Poster
Best in Show Awards 2nd Place Winner
1700 - Characterization of Naturally Occurring Alpha Diketone Emissions and Exposures at a Coffee Roasting Facility and Associated Cafe
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1701 - Deposition Estimation of Workplace Ultrafine Particle in the Worker’s Lower AirwaysView Poster
1703 - Extraction of Aerosol Size Distribution and Number Concentration from Multispectral Light Extinction MeasurementsView Poster
1704 - Challenges in Adopting ACGIH's TLV for Hexavalent ChromiumView Poster
1706 - The Effects of Chronic Shiftwork and Heat Stress on Static and Dynamic Postural Balance in Firefighters: A Pilot StudyView Poster
1710 - Evaluation of the Effect of Safety Gloves on Hand-arm Vibration (HAV) LevelsView Poster
Best in Show Awards 1st Place Winner
1711 - Size-selective Bioaerosol Sampler Combined with an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Bioluminescence Assay
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Best in Show Awards 3rd Place Winner
1713 - Simulations of Control Strategies to Reduce Sound Exposures of Music Instructors
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1715 -Investigation of Dust Migration Caused from the Transportation of SamplesView Poster
1721 - Characterization of Nanoparticles Produced from a Spark Discharge System with Manganese and Iron Alloy ElectrodesView Poster
1722 - Using Variations of the Well-Mixed Room (WMR) Model to Assess Chemical ExposuresView Poster
1725 – Retrospective Cohort Study of Prue Tone Audiometry Threshold Shifts from Ototoxic Substance, Continuous Noise, and Impulse Noise Exposures at Tinker Air Force Base From 2005 2019View Poster
1726 - Dermal Exposure as a Result of Glove PenetrationView Poster
1727 - Assessing Particulate and Chemical Emissions from Additive Manufacturing ProcessesView Poster
1733 - Permethrin: An Assessment of Human Exposure During the Spray Application to Military UniformsView Poster
1736 - A Study of the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Firefighter Clean Cab Decontamination ProceduresView Poster
1737 - Sampling and Monitoring of Particles in Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding FumesView Poster
1738Comparison of Two Respirator User Training Methods: Video and One-On- One Training
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1740 – Correlation Between Shiftwork, Sleep and Fatigue and Increased Occupational Injuries in a Manufacturing Plant in PakistanView Poster
1742 - Comparison of Hand-Arm Vibration Levels Between a Chainsaw, Weed Eater, and Backpack BlowerView Poster