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Top publications 2020-2021

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Guidelines for Enviro Surface Disinfect border

Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Environmental Surface Disinfectants in Healthcare, 2nd edition

Laboratory Quality Assurance border

AIHA® Laboratory Quality Assurance Manual, 6th edition

Assessment Remidiation Verification border

Assessment, Remediation, and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings

Ergonomics Guide border

An Ergonomics Guide to Computer Workstations, 3rd edition

Field Guide Bio Contaminants border

Field Guide for the Determination of Biological Contaminants in Environmental Samples, 2nd edition

IAQ Investigator Guide border

The IAQ Investigator’s Guide, 3rd edition

Important Instrumentation and Methods border

Important Instrumentation and Methods for the Detection of Chemicals in the Field, 2nd edition

IH and Safety Auditing border

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Auditing – A Manual for Practice, 2nd edition

IH Desk Card border

Industrial Hygiene Desk Reference Card

IH Reference Study Guide border

Industrial Hygiene Reference and Study Guide, 4th edition

IH Workbook border

Industrial Hygiene Workbook: The Occupational Health Sciences, 6th edition

Industrial Ventilation Wkbk border

Industrial Ventilation Workbook, 7th edition

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Mathematic Models border

Mathematical Models for Estimating Occupational Exposure to Chemicals, 2nd edition

White Book cover border

The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management, 3rd edition

Odor Thresholds border

Odor Thresholds for Chemicals with Established Occupational Health Standards, 3rd edition

Indoor Mold border

Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Indoor Mold, 2nd edition

Legionella Edition border

Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Legionella in Building Water Systems

Strategy for Assessing border

A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures, 4th edition

Wildfire Impact Assessment border

Technical Guide for Wildfire Impact Assessments for the OEHS Professional

Toxicology Principles border

Toxicology Principles for the Industrial Hygienist, 2nd edition

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