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AIHF Virtual Fun Run

The American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) presents the 35th Annual Fun Run/Walk in a virtual format. Have fun, get exercise, and support the AIHF! You don’t have to be a marathon runner to participate; you can bike 10K, run 5K, or walk 2.5K and know that you are helping the Foundation serve IH/OEHS professionals in need. 

And now you can do it at your convenience.

Run, bike, or walk anytime from May 10-June 8 and submit your times to win a raffle prize! 

Participation Donations:

Your charitable donation will help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 in scholarships for IH/OEHS students.

  • Individual runner/walker registration: $40
  • Guest/Family Registration (conference registrant plus up to 4 runners): sliding scale based on number of runners up to $170​
  • Individual sleep-in registration: $35 (all the stuff, none of the miles)

Register by April 19 to get your commemorative T-shirt before the event! Limited quantities are available.

Add the Fun Run to your Virtual AIHce EXP registration.

Register for the Fun Run only.

This year's premier sponsor is

Help Us Reach Our Target!

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What is a Virtual 5K?

Choose your own route. Then run, walk, bike, or jog the appropriate distance to complete the virtual run, being mindful of social distancing guidelines.

You can:

  • Run/Jog 5K
  • Walk 2.5K
  • Bike 10K
What are the benefits to a Virtual 5k?

Flexibility. You can run, bike, or walk whenever and where ever you are able... outside, on a treadmill, in your neighborhood or park, in the grocery store... your choice!

Virtual community. There’s a virtual community in it with you. Share how you are training, why you’re running, what your route looks like, your finishing photos - whatever you do connected to the event! Post online on our Facebook page and/or your social media accounts using the hashtag #AIHFVirtualFunRun.

Personal health. Running, walking, and biking are great catalysts for your health. Participating in this virtual event is a great motivator! But please, observe proper social distancing guidelines however you choose to participate.

How does it work?

1. Register for the Virtual 5K as part of your AIHce EXP 2021 registration (in-person or virtual).

2. Receive your race t-shirt in the mail (shirts will be shipped to the address listed on your registration).

3. Complete your virtual run anytime between May 10-June 8, 2021.

4. Post your result! (See "Where do I post my results?" below.)

5. Remember to have fun, and share a photo of yourself using the hashtag #AIHFVirtualFunRun on our Facebook page and/or your social media accounts.

How do I select a course?

Selecting a good course while observing proper social distancing is a very important part of having a successful virtual run.

We suggest taking a practice run of your selected course a few times before running on race day to make sure there are no dangerous road crossings. Be sure you have identified a landmark for your start and finish, as well as your mile markers. For example, when you reach the white fence, you know you have completed one mile. Using apps to record your distance can help make sure you get the most accurate time possible. And again, be sure that you pick a suitable time when there are not many people around.

What are some apps I can use to clock my time and distance?

Apps are not required, as you are welcome to use whatever tool you wish to use, but here are a few we suggest:

Strava: Top choice of many runners both casual and serious, because it shows how you compare to your friends. Strava is also compatible with the latest GPS watches..

RunKeeper: Tracks your runs and helps keep you motivated. Each time you reach your goal, RunKeeper celebrates too with a trophy and confetti!

MapMyRun: Great if you’re traveling and will be completing your run off your usual routes. With MapMyRun you can map out your own course or follow a course that someone else has created.

Where do I post my results?

Upon registration, you will be sent a link with a survey where you can post your results. Also, feel free to share your results on social media using the hashtag #AIHFVirtualFunRun.

How will I receive my t-shirt and race bib?

If you register before April 18, your t-shirt will be mailed directly to you before the start of the race (while supplies last). If you register after April 18, you will receive it after the race weeks. Your bib will be emailed to you to print.

How do I stay connected during the Virtual Fun Run 5K?

Upon registration, you will receive a link to our AIHF Facebook group. Throughout the next few months, we will be posting challenges, workouts, and fun activities to engage in at home!

What else will be happening in the Virtual Fun Run 5K Facebook Group?

Raffles! We will be offering opportunities for registrants to win awesome prizes, so the sooner you register, the more chances you will have to win!

I want to submit an image or video of doing our Fun Run. What do I do?

Yay! There's a couple things to keep in mind:

1. You can take a photo or video in either vertical or horizontal format.

2. Use the highest definition settings.

3. If possible, use a stabilizing device, such as a selfie stick or tripod, or have someone else take your picture or video with you in the center.

4. Safety first; please don't take your selfie in a dangerous area or situation, such as crossing a busy street or on a narrow bridge.

5. If shooting video, please make every effort to be audible. This means you may need to speak louder and slower than you normally do, as many mobile devices have poor quality microphones and pick up a lot of extraneous noise that can garble your voice.

You can submit your image or video a couple of ways:

1. Post it to the AIH Foundation Facebook page and use the #AIHFVirtualFunRun hashtag.

2. Email it (or a link to a shared drive folder) to with the subject line "My AIHF Fun Run Participation."

3. Share it directly through your social media account, using the above hashtag and tagging AIHA and AIHF.

Who do I contact if I need help or have questions?

Our Virtual Fun Run team is here to help:

Phone: 703-846-0768

Many thanks to our Fun Run Sponsors​!

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