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Education Session Moderator Guidelines

Moderating is a great opportunity to serve in a leadership role, develop relationships with fellow colleagues, and contribute to the overall success of the conference.

Below you will find outlined the essential responsibilities of the moderator, as well as some background information on presenting at AIHce EXP.

If you are a session moderator, please review/download the duties for your position:

Moderator Instructions​

If you have any questions regarding the on-site responsibilities of the session moderators, please contact Erin Breece, Program Director, Education​​.​​

Presentation Central Uploading & Session Check-In

All presenters are required to upload electronic copies of their presentations, using the official conference PowerPoint Template to AIHceEXP’s Presentation Management System by March 15. Additionally, all Moderators should confirm that presenters in their session have loaded their presentations. Moderators should also check for, program changes, and other updated information available. Moderators should get to know the presenters and their content to develop a cohesive flow between presentations. Scheduling a quick meeting is highly encouraged.

All presentations will be recorded; however, Speakers may opt-out of recording. All speakers should into the Online Speaker Resource Center to read and sign the Speaker Agreement.

Be sure to sign into your session online at least 30 minutes prior to the session start time.


At the start of a session, moderators should:

  • Identify the session title.
  • Introduce themselves.
  • Briefly introduce each presenter. The bios/CVs for these introductions are posted on the AIHce EXP website.

During the session, moderators should:

  • Politely thank the speaker whose time has run out and firmly move on to the next presentation. It is important to make sure each presenter stays on schedule.
  • Facilitate Q&A between audience members and presenters. Please restate the question into the microphone, or have the speaker do so to ensure that the recordings and our virtual audience can hear the question.

At the end of a session, moderators should:

  • Thank the presenters.
  • Request that attendees complete the session evaluation that will be emailed at the end of each day. Evaluations provide valuable information on the suitability of topics and are used by staff and volunteer groups for future conference planning.

Session Recordings

  • Personal recording (both audio and video) is prohibited.
  • Audio recordings of education session presentations will be available after the conference if permission has been granted by the presenters.
  • Presenters who do not grant permission to record their presentations will be edited out of the recordings.

General Information

  • Expect questions to be asked and answered. This should be done professionally. AIHce EXP encourages scientific debate, open communication, healthy discussion, and respect for a diversity of opinions. Please ensure that any session(s) you moderate is conducted accordingly.
  • All session personnel, presenters, and attendees should professionally conduct themselves.
  • In the unlikely event of a disagreement, disruption, or emergency, contact Erin Breece, Program Director, Education,

Thank you! Your assistance is essential to the success of education at AIHce EXP!​

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