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What is EXP+?

Welcome to AIHA's exclusive conference channel, chock full of content extras like interviews, behind-the-scenes information, activity updates, and more. 

Whether you've attended in the past or have never joined us before, this is a way for you, as an industrial hygienist/occupational and environmental health and safety professional to stay in touch with the conference vibe all year long. Subscribe to this channel so you don't miss the next episode!

What you're going to find is a lot of little things that you might miss because you're really involved with the education, networking, and the exhibitors that are at the conference every year. We want to share those with you all year long, so what you'll find is topic discussions with some of your favorite speakers; we're going to talk about you know hot topics of the time and future topics that might be of interest down the line; we're going to talk about tips about making your conference experience better; we'll give insider information on the host city so you can really maximize your enjoyment while you're there and not just be stuck in the conference hall the whole time.

EXP+ is for you.

It's your gateway into the community. It's your way to taste conference whether you've attended or not, all the way through the year. It's a way for you to catch up on information. It's a way to see behind the scenes. It's a way to experience some of the events and activities without even being there.

We want you to experience all the great things that go on, from the networking to the problem solving to the collaboration to all the great moments you enjoy every year.

Stick around EXP+ and help build this special community with us all year. EXP+: your conference, EXPanded.

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What Is EXP+?

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