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Welcome to the NEW
AIHce EXP Virtual Platform/Mobile App

Learn About the Virtual Platform/Mobile App

This year's AIHce EXP Virtual Platform/Mobile App is powered by Pathable. We encourage you to watch this video as an introduction to and tour around our virtual conference and in-person mobile app home. 

There are several items to know before you start:

1) YOU'LL NEED YOUR PERSONALIZED LINK - Emailed from but labeled as AIHce EXP 2022, this link is your key to access both the desktop AND mobile platforms. Please DO NOT SHARE your link. It is UNIQUE to your registration. We also recommend whitelisting (or marking it as a safe sender) as communications will be sent to you through the app.  

2) CLAIM YOUR ACCOUNT - Using your personalized link, you'll need to claim your account and set up your own password to access the platform for the conference. We encourage you to bookmark the link on the device(s) of your choice to keep AIHce EXP 2022 at your fingertips.

3) DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE APP - Once you've claimed your account in Step 2, use the QR code below or type in to your mobile web browser to download the app to your device. Sign in using the credentials you used to create your virtual platform account or use the “forgot password” link if this is your first time signing in. (To sign in on the mobile app, click the hamburger menu in the upper left and click sign in.)

AIHce EXP virtual platform-mobile app QR code

4) SET UP YOUR PROFILE AND GET FAMILIAR - Now that you're in, set up your profile by adding your pictures, description, contact information, and more and take a tour of the areas highlighted in the Attendee Experience video and the Attendee Guide. We encourage you to test your access well in advance of the conference. 

5) REACH OUT FOR HELP - If you have issues claiming your account, didn't receive your personal link, or need assistance in navigating the platform, contact for help. 

System Requirements

Operating System:

Mac: Mac OSX 10.7 or later
Windows: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista (SP1 or later), XP (SP3 or later)
Ubuntu: 12.04 or later
Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher
Processor / RAM: Single Core 1Ghz or higher. Dual core 2Ghz or higher, 4G RAM recommended

Web Browser:

Windows: Chrome 72+, Edge 84+, Firefox 27+, or IE 11+
Mac: Chrome 30+, Safari 7+Edge 84+, or Firefox 27+
Linux: Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+

Internet Connection:

1.5 Mbps "up" minimum (3+ Mbps "up" recommended).

Please note that wireless speeds are lower than your ISP's advertised speeds. You can use to test your speeds on your computer.

Hardware (recommended but not required):

  • Webcam
  • The microphone and speakers that come built-in to most computers is adequate, but a headset with a mic or a stand-alone microphone will create a richer, cleaner sound.
  • Mobile Web: Smartphone with web browser. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari recommended.

Technical Tips

Follow these tips to ensure your experience runs smoothly:

  • Are you using a VPN at the same time? If so, close out of VPN before signing into Pathable.
  • Do you have other applications open in the background? If so, these may compete with the Pathable platform for system resources. We recommend closing out of other applications as well.
  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser. If you are using other browsers, please be sure to clear your cache and try signing in again. Also, please make sure there are no pending updates for the browser.
  • If you are experiencing audio issues, try to reconnect audio by clicking 'Audio Settings' in the lower left corner of the screen > Leave computer audio > Join audio by computer. There has been a Chrome update that default blocks audio. This must be re-enabled in your Chrome settings.
  • Test your device’s compatibility beforehand.

Need Help/Support?

For technical issues with the platform or app, please contact You can also navigate to the Need help? Get support link located in the top left corner of the platform to use the support chat function.

For all other questions, please contact

Thank you to our AIHce EXP 2022 sponsors: