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For Students

What have students said about prior AIHce EXP events?

Suppose you are a student in the industrial hygiene (IH) or occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) fields. In that case, you might not have considered attending a professional conference like AIHce EXP. Among all the other opportunities to build IH/OEHS skills, from attending online courses and webinars to listening to podcasts and reading literature, why should attending a conference be your priority? While other learning experiences are certainly valuable, missing this conference means you will miss one of the best chances to prepare yourself for entering the IH/OEHS workforce. Events like AIHce EXP provide unique career-building opportunities that you can't find anywhere else.

What opportunities are available for students during the conference?

AIHce EXP offers you opportunities to learn, network, explore career opportunities, and have fun, all in one stop! To highlight the major features available for students, we've created a Journey Map to help you pick and choose the aspects most important to you.

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Here are four reasons why attending this conference might be the best thing you can do this year for your future career.

Meet Your IH/OEHS Mentor

One of the perks of attending AIHce EXP is meeting and spending time with leaders in the IH/OEHS field. You will hear from and talk with people who have written your textbooks, are working on important NIOSH or CDC projects, or have played significant roles in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is your great chance to meet a potential mentor who can guide your professional development or even your next job!

Be Inspired

Completing a degree can be overwhelming, especially after years spent coping with a pandemic, and you might feel as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is only so much inspiration that classroom experience can give you. Attending this event can help rekindle your passion for your profession through a change in scenery and contact with other IH/OEHS professionals who work and speak on interesting topics. You may also gain new insights on where to take your career next, how to achieve your goals, and how you can protect worker health and safety.

Experience Diverse Educational Opportunities

AIHce EXP is a gateway for accessing a world of new information, experiences, and points of view. If you don't expose yourself to various viewpoints and experiences within IH/OEHS, you can miss new ideas and trends in the profession that can impact your future. Attending education sessions and professional development courses can lead you to discover new techniques or equipment, unpublished data, or professional leaders that you may not have previously heard of. This, in turn, gives you an edge in starting your career.

Network With Other Professionals

AIHce EXP 2023 will be an amazing opportunity to meet many people, but you don't have to wait until May 22 to start networking. You can start by joining the discussion on Catalyst, AIHA's online community for IH/OEHS professionals. Here, AIHA members might talk about what AIHce sessions they plan to attend, what they're looking forward to about the conference, and the challenges they're facing that they're looking for solutions to. If you do attend this year, you'll use Catalyst to connect with others who will be there. The conference's virtual platform will allow you to chat with attendees and presenters during the event. Networking can also occur over social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make your social media posts more visible by tagging AIHA and using the hashtag #AIHceEXP.

Resources for Student Attendees

Advancing worker health and safety depends on supporting the next generation of OEHS professionals. That’s why AIHce EXP offers multiple resources for students to have the best possible conference EXPerience.

Career Advantage Fair

From networking to resume advice, the Career Advantage Fair is one of the best places to sharpen your interview skills and meet top employers.

The Nexus

Network, recharge, learn, and relax in The Nexus, a lounge specifically designed for students and early career professionals sponsored by BGC and SevenGen! You’ll be treated to a “Lessons in Leadership” series of meet-and-greets with our two keynote presenters, AIHA award winners, and other IH/OEHS luminaries. The Nexus will be open Monday through Wednesday during specific times noted in the program. More details to be released closer to the conference.

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