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What You Say About AIHce

We asked past attendees what they find valuable at AIHce EXP. Here's what they said about...


"The PDCs were great and the weekday classes were intriguing and educational. I learned a lot, and it will have a positive impact on my department and my career as an IH.
"I really liked the varied topics. If you wanted super technical session you could find something, but if you wanted more general/management type topics you could also find them."
"I get a chance to attend sessions related to subject areas where I don't normally work. I found my experience to be more refreshing as a result."
"Having the opportunity to learn from lifelong experts in the lectures is my favorite part!"
"I was provided with practical IH information and guidance, which I can use in my daily practice for a major industrial manufacturer employer."
"More sessions now show how to apply the research to every day EHS practitioners. There is some great research going on, and the instructors are able to show how it is applied for us in the field."
"I've enjoyed sitting in on the one or two sessions that are not only interesting but will change my daily work in some fashion, and I'm so excited to share what I've learned!"
"The chance to learn things outside of my immediate specialty and industry and hear perspectives outside my usual circles is what I really love."
"The overall content (PDCs and sessions) is outstanding. I had a hard time deciding what to attend on most days."
"The technical sessions and content are excellent. I frequently had time blocks where I wished I could attend multiple sessions, as the content was that relevant or interesting. I'm so glad I have access to OnDemand so I can catch those sessions I missed!"
"As usual, I was able to take back some good information. I'll confirm that I'm doing well at keeping up with the profession and new issues. I laugh about our profession being a bunch of nerds, but it is refreshing to be surrounded by people who understand what an IH does and how we think."
"The conference educational content is excellent in regards to variety of topics, content, and quality of speakers."

The Expo

​"I think the Expo is more inviting and more desirable a place to hang out than ever before."
"I got some good ideas from other companies' programs and made a lot of contact with vendors for helpful technology."
"The opportunity for networking and discussion with the various vendors on the technology and application of their products is what I really enjoy."
"Last year's expo provided a great opportunity to see new technology that is applicable to me. I found this more valuable than the technical sessions, to be honest."


"I really love having the opportunity to see fellow IH professionals, continue friendships made over the years, and meeting new professionals entering the IH/OEHS profession."
"I always pick up new information when I get a chance to connect with so many of my peers. I love that!"
"I met a few colleagues I did not know before the conference who know my industry and may be able to assist with information in the future."
"Meeting and networking with colleagues, making connections, bringing students and allowing them to present research posters, attending interesting research presentations - I really love it all."
"I was able to meet graduates of my program and people who are working for the company that I am interning with this summer. It was helpful to get advice from these people."
"The best aspect was to network with fellow IHs with similar challenges and collaboratively discuss continual improvement in many aspects of our profession."

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