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Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

2023 Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus

A strategically crafted advertising and sponsorship plan builds visibility and awareness for your brand which equates to deeper engagement and more qualified leads! 

The annual AIHce EXP marketing campaign, with its audience of over 10,000 IH/OEHS professionals, offers you the broadest reach within this community through a multi-faceted media strategy that includes a robust E-communication campaign, the publication and distribution of digital Advance and Final Programs, a highly visible website, and dynamic social media.

By offering a wide range of opportunities that influence and educate before, during, and beyond the event, you can align your brand with this audience in a way that both resonates and best meets your needs.

Whether your goal is to amplify your current marketing campaign, introduce a new product, or demonstrate thought leadership and expertise, let us help you find the right touchpoint.

To learn more and reserve your placements, please contact us here.

Browse our 2023 Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus for more details!

2022 AIHce EXP Marketing Campaign Stats


ADVANCE PROGRAM, the "sneak preview" of what's coming together.

This digital publication includes highlights of all the education, networking, and Expo activities an attendee can anticipate in Phoenix.

Click image to view 2022 Advance Program
  • Publishes live on March 1, 2023 and will be available to download as PDF.
  • Reservations for ad space must be confirmed by Friday, January 27, 2023.
  • Artwork must be received by Friday, February 3, 2023.

    Available Ad Sizes:

    • Full Screen Optimized Ad $1,500
    • Full Screen Optimized Ad with Video or Animation $2,000
    • New Product Guide Listing $750

    Advertisers will submit ad artwork in two sizes for desktop and phone/tablet optimization.

Click image to view 2022 Final Program

FINAL PROGRAMthe one and only official conference guide.

This digital publication includes the final schedule and details of the conference. 

    • Publishes live on May 8, 2023, and will be available for download as PDF.
    • Reservations for ad space must be confirmed by Friday, March 24, 2023.
    • Artwork must be received by Friday, March 31, 2023.

    Available Ad Sizes:

    Spotlight your newest products!
    • Full Screen Optimized Ad $1,500
    • Full Screen Optimized Ad with Video or Animation $2,000
    • New Product Guide Listing $750

    Advertisers will submit ad artwork in two sizes for desktop and phone/tablet optimization.


    The AIHce EXPress is a series of digest-style emails that highlight targeted areas of the upcoming conference including the education program, our keynotes, important deadlines, event highlights, the Expo, and more.

    These eBlasts deploy to our list of over 10,000 prospects once in January and twice per month from February through April. To increase attendee engagement, an EXPress issue is also sent once a month to registrants from February through April.

    With only one ad allotted per month, an advertiser would have the exclusive advantage of promoting their products and services to a wide audience of IH and OEHS professionals.

    These banner ads are available in monthly packages:

    • Jan 2023: 1 Issue @ $750
    • Feb 2023: 3 Issues @$2,000
    • Mar 2023: 3 Issues @ $2,000
    • Apr 2023: 3 Issues @ $2,000

    Advertisers will have the opportunity to receive the following analytics at the beginning of the following month:

    • Delivered
    • Opens & Open Rate
    • Clicks & Click Through Rate

    It is recommended that advertisers include Google Analytics UTM parameters to their URLs so they can also track web visits.

    Two banner ad formats are available:

    • o Option A: Image + Text Ad
      • 150x150px image
      • 10-word headline
      • 40-word description
      • URL
    • o Option B: Banner Ad
      • 630x80px graphic
      • URL


    eBlast Icon

    Present your company as a thought leader in the industry by sending a customized eBlast to our AIHce EXP registered attendees and/or extended community of IH/OEHS professionals from a trusted platform.

    Sponsored emails are a great way to communicate your latest releases, upcoming events, and promote your presence in the Expo during the time when this audience is most receptive.

    Weekly send dates are available from April through June, act quickly - these dates book up fast!

    Enjoy the benefits of a targeted eBlast:
    • Delivers your created content directly to the inboxes of key decision makers
    • Frequently forwarded to others for additional exposure
    • Directs visitors to the landing page of your choice
    • Including a tracking link is recommended to help collect leads
    • Opens and click through rates are available after send date upon request


    Web banner placements are available on from December through June, when traffic is at its highest, as we continue to update the details for the upcoming conference in Nashville.

    These rotating banners appear on every page except the main landing page.

    Impression and click data will be shared with advertiser upon request.

    Space is $1,250/month

    To feature by the 1st of the month, web banner assets must be received by the 25th of the month prior.

    Available Ad Sizes:

    • 300 x 600, Vertical
    • Can be static or an animated GIF with up to three panels


    This year, throughout the prime AIHce EXP marketing window (April - June) we are offering a limited inventory of sponsored social media posts to our over 60,000 combined LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers!

    Two format options are available:

    • Secure a month-long campaign with sponsored posts that appear across all four of our social media platforms @ $2,000
    • Host a Social Media Takeover on a select social media platform for one day @ $2,500

    Contact us today to learn more and reserve your space!

    For additional sponsorship options, please download our current Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus.

    Thank you to our AIHce EXP 2023 sponsors: