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Pop-Up Education Presenter Resources

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Presenter notification letters were emailed in January 2023. If you are unable to present your pop-up, contact Erin Breece at 703-846-0749.

Dates to Remember

Slide Preparation

AIHA recommends PowerPoint (PPT) for all presentations. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and HTML files may also be used. Please be sure to use the AIHce EXP 2023 PowerPoint Template when creating your presentation. Our PowerPoint template is set to 16:9 ratio. If you choose to use your own template, please ensure that it is set to this format. Be advised that if you use any other format, it will not fit the screens in our session rooms.

On-site Requirements, Room Set, and Equipment

You can use the Speaker Ready Room, which is staffed by audiovisual (AV) technicians and equipped with editing stations, to practice and tweak your presentations.

You will be presenting your Pop-up Session in an open space that seats approximately 30 people. You will have a microphone, and there will be a laptop and display monitor for you to present your slides. Please bring a copy of your slides on a flash drive.

Presentation Best Practices

Any links to outside websites, such as for audio and video files, should be embedded into the PPT presentation. While wireless Internet will be available, we do not recommend relying on it for any portion of your presentation. The Pop-Up Presentation area will NOT be hardwired with the Internet. If you have video or audio files, we recommend bringing back-up of the files on a flash drive, as well as embedding them into the PPT file. DO NOT simply link to videos, such as on YouTube or other websites, as we cannot guarantee the Internet connection.

Please see the AV staff in the on-site Speaker Ready Room to review and test your presentation(s). The computers will be the same as those in the Pop-Up Presentation area, and the technicians can provide advice and assistance.

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