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AIHce EXP Goes Green

To lessen our footprint on the environment

Green Initiatives in Atlanta

AIHce EXP attendees told us they wanted a more environmentally friendly and responsible conference. Here are some of the green and sustainable initiatives AIHA will implement in Atlanta:

  • Digital Advance Program 
  • Ticketless registration (we'll still have a couple tickets, but the number will be drastically reduced as we utilize technology more efficiently)
  • Digital signage outside meeting rooms and for directions
  • Badges made from recycled materials, which can also be recycled
  • Banners made of paper

Here's what you can do!

Here are a few tips you can do to go green while attending AIHce EXP 2020:

  • Use public transportation or ride share
  • Go wireless (rather than print)! Carry your mobile device and use our free Wi-Fi to note your "favorites" (sessions, speakers, attendees, and exhibitors) and take notes in the AIHce EXP mobile app.
  • Recycle your paper, plastic, and glass in the receptacles provided throughout the convention center.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to refill at water stations throughout the convention center. 

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UPDATE on Status of AIHce EXP 2020 Released. READ MESSAGE FROM AIHA, CEO >