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Spread the word about AIHce EXP

Thousands of OHS professionals attend AIHce EXP: each one has the potential to make a difference.

Here are two great ways to get involved as an AIHce EXP Ambassador and make the EXPerience even better.


Our science-based education, networking opportunities, and dynamic Expo Hall offers benefits for allied professionals outside of traditional IH/OH arenas.

If you have a friend or colleague in a related industry you think would benefit from the knowledge and networking, invite them to join you. AT 50% OFF!

It’s a win-win… they’ll save 50% on their full conference registration and experience AIHce EXP for the first time, and you’ll get to enjoy their company and do some good as an ambassador of the profession.

To be eligible, your colleague must:

  • Be a first time attendee at AIHce EXP
  • Work in a related industry (i.e., safety, chemical engineering, public health, etc.)
  • Work at a company other than yours and for a company not already in attendance at the conference

Know someone like that and want to get them involved? Email Bethany Chirico your colleague's full name, title, organization, and contact information. If approved to attend, we'll help your friend get registered for half the cost.

With the packed program we have planned for you at AIHce EXP 2020, having a friend and peer by your side can elevate your EXPerience.


The Expo Hall is a hallmark of AIHce EXP. It’s the central hub where you discover innovative solutions to your problems and new technologies advancing our future.

We are always looking to include new companies who offer enhanced solutions to challenges faced by our attendees.

Is there a company you’d like to see on the Expo Hall floor that hasn’t been represented at AIHce EXP in the past? Email Alison Daniels the company name, a contact (if you know one), and contact information, and we'll reach out. 

This is your chance to enhance the value the Expo Hall brings to your fellow attendees.

AIHce EXP 2020 is sponsored by:

UPDATE on Status of AIHce EXP 2020 Released. READ MESSAGE FROM AIHA, CEO >