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Don't Miss These 10 Great Education Sessions

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Educational sessions are the focus of programming at every AIHce EXP. The 2022 conference offers over 145 educational sessions to choose from during the three-day on-site event in Nashville, Tennessee. About half the sessions will be broadcasted live from the conference for virtual attendees. Starting in the weeks after the conference, AIHce EXP OnDemand will be available for all attendees with full conference registration to watch sessions from anywhere.

The 2022 program covers a broad range of topics relevant to occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS), including leadership, climate change, risk assessment, the future of work, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following list provides only a small sample of the many sessions available.

Session B6: Why Your (Our) Leadership Is as Critical as Ever. In this session, occurring Monday, May 23, attendees will learn the leadership skills necessary to achieve success in their organizations as more than just technical experts. Jason Kunz, CIH, CSP, Justin Hoover, CSP, and Liz Void will present.

Session D6: Safety Challenges and Solutions for Younger and Older Workers. Presented by Brendan Moriarty, CIH, CSP, MSPH, this session will cover injury patterns characteristic of younger and older worker demographics and best practices for preventing injuries in these groups. Occurring Monday, May 23.

Session E1: Research Roundup – Climate Change 1. Presenters Sylvia Fontes, CIH, and Bill Beadie, CIH, will discuss OEHS professionals’ role in assessment, cleanup, and recovery operations after the destructive 2020 wildfires in California and Oregon. This session will be held Tuesday, May 24, and as the first of a series, will be followed by Session F1 later the same day. Also part of the virtual conference program.

Session E5: Challenges and Opportunities for Women with Families Arising From COVID-19. Penney Stanch, CIH, CSP, CPE, and James McGlothlin, PhD, CPE, FAIHA, will present on the changing work and caregiving responsibilities and increased stress experienced by women during the pandemic. To be held Tuesday, May 24.

Session E7: Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities for OH&S. Presented by Michael Larranaga, PhD, CIH, FAIHA, John Comiskey, EdD, and Brenda Jacklitsch, PhD, MS, this Tuesday, May 24, session will address the way occupational health and safety will change in the era of climate change. Also part of the virtual conference program.

Session E9: Science and Power of Stories Affects Risk Perceptions. In this session, Jonathan Klane, MSED, CIH, CSP, will discuss using stories and narrative to communicate scientific information about safety and risk. Occurring Tuesday, May 24. Also part of the virtual conference program.

Session F1: Research Roundup – Climate Change 2. Bill Beadie, CIH, and Teniope Adewumi-Gunn, PhD, will continue the series that began with Session E1 on climate change and OEHS by presenting on asbestos surveys, air monitoring, and soil sampling during wildfire cleanup as well as the need for workplace heat standards to address the effects of rising temperatures. To be held Tuesday, May 24. Also part of the virtual conference program.

Session H4: Occupational Hazards in Seattle's Strip Clubs. This Tuesday, May 24 session will discuss hazards encountered by workers in the adult entertainment industry, including bloodborne pathogens, chemical exposures, and workplace violence. Eva Glosson and Venetia Runnion, CIH, CSP, will present. Also part of the virtual conference program.

Session N8: Advancing Injury Prevention Through AI and Wearable Technology. Presented by Heather Chapman, MS, CSP, CHMM, CEAS, and Matthew Hart, BA, MA, MBA, this session will cover risk assessment applications for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. Occurring Wednesday, May 25. Also part of the virtual conference program.

Sunset Session: The Critical Role of OEHS Professionals in Successful Emergency Planning and Preparedness. Laura Weems, CIH, CSP, CHMM, Eugene Satrun, CIH, CSP, FAIHA, and Dana Stahl, MS, CIH, will co-present on OEHS professionals’ role in preparing for and responding to emergencies in this session held on the evening of Monday, May 23.

AIHce EXP 2022 will be held May 23–25 on-site at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. To view the complete program or to register for AIHce EXP 2022 as either an in-person or virtual attendee, visit the conference website.

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