Get Active for IH/OEHS: Join the AIHF Virtual Fun Run

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There are many good reasons to join in the AIHF Virtual Fun Run, such as to stay healthy and active while working remotely or to raise scholarship funds for deserving industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety (IH/OEHS) students. For years, the AIHF Fun Run has been one of attendees’ most anticipated AIHce EXP activities.

Just as last year, the 2021 Fun Run will be a fully virtual event—meaning the fun is no longer limited to conference attendees. Whether you plan to attend Virtual AIHce EXP or want to give back to the OEHS community, here’s why you should take part.

Run On Your Own Time

The beauty of the AIHF Virtual Fun Run is that you can set your own schedule. While the in-person event customarily took place in the early morning, the Virtual Fun Run accommodates those who like to sleep in and stay fit, plus those who run in the late afternoon or early evening to wind down after a stressful day. Since there is no specific time or location, the AIHF Virtual Fun Run gives you the freedom to run whenever works best for you, as long as you track your time and upload your race results for the chance to win raffle prizes.

Options for Getting Active

The word “run” might be in the name, but that doesn’t mean that you may only participate by running—as opposed to other ways to stay active. There are several alternative ways to participate in the AIHF Virtual Fun Run. If your preferred fitness activity is a walk around town, then track your steps and don’t forget to share your favorite spot online with the other participants. If you’re a weekend hiker, then count your miles and tell us your favorite trail. You can even bike all the way to the first prize. Bikers are required to complete a distance of 10 kilometers while runners must complete 5 km and walkers 2.5 km.

Connect with Your AIHA Colleagues

You might not run side by side with other AIHF Fun Runners this year, but the Virtual Fun Run is still a great way to reach out to other AIHA members. Post your Fun Run progress to Catalyst, AIHA’s members-only online community, or on social media to keep your AIHA friends updated and motivated. Remember to tag AIHA in your social media posts and use the hashtag #AIHF.

Support the IH/OEHS Profession

Along with staying shape and keeping in touch with other AIHA members, a great reason to sign up for the AIHF Virtual Fun Run is to support the future of the IH/OEHS profession. AIHA and AIHF intend to raise $20,000 in scholarships for IH/OEHS students through the charitable donations of Fun Run participants. Have fun, get active, and support IH/OEHS all at once!

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to participate in the Virtual Fun Run and help the Foundation serve IH/OEHS students in need. Join the #AIHF Fun Run today.

A special thank you to our Fun Run sponsors!
Premier: Amazon
Silver: Alliant, Steel Dynamics, VelocityEHS
Bronze: Chubb, Cority, Half Draft Acres

Thank you to our AIHce EXP 2021 sponsors: