Get Your Boss on Board for the AIHce EXPerience

Returning Exhibitor

Ok, you've all but made your restaurant reservations for Atlanta, but does your boss need a little convincing? If you’ve never been to AIHce EXP it may be tricky to get the "go-ahead" for a new experience, but you definitely need to explain to your boss why it'll be worth it! Here's how...

Attending AIHce EXP will help make you a better asset to your organization.

Whether you’re still mastering the core competencies you’ll need to apply in the workplace, or you’re looking to leverage your demonstrated leadership skills, AIHce EXP is the perfect place for you. AIHce EXP and the PDCs don't take you away from your desk just for a six-day networking opportunity. We’re putting together six days of idea generation to address challenges, work more effectively, drive revenue, and improve worker safety and security at your organization. With every carefully curated session, you’ll walk away with actionable tips to implement with your team when you return to the office. Plus, if you present at the conference in the future, you'll be able to brag about all of the cool things your company is doing and brush up on your leadership skills!

AIHce EXP is the place for you to nurture existing relationships while building new ones.

Think of all of the workplace health and safety professionals you want to meet. How often can you meet face-to-face, let alone have them all in one location at the same time? We bring together workplace health and safety professionals from across the country and around the world to share insights, tackle challenges, and partner in the pursuit of the best industrial hygiene and safety standards. AIHce EXP is where career-changing, industry-changing, game-changing connections are made. You should be right in the middle of it.

At AIHce EXP, you can evaluate and test the latest products and technology in your area of expertise.

The right tools can exponentially increase your ability to help protect worker health. Spend time in our Expo to get hands-on experience that will help you guide the decision-making process when your organization is ready to make a new purchase.

Discuss emerging trends in the IH/OH field and find new avenues to approach future issues and technologies.

At AIHce EXP, we not only discuss what’s working well, but we look ahead to the future. When you gather so many insightful experts in their field in one place, you can’t help but identify emerging trends. You’ll walk away with new ideas and possibly even solutions to existing challenges you’re facing at your organization. Bonus: You’ll earn certification maintenance contact hours for the year by attending AIHce EXP. And this year, we're continuing with the value-add of AIHce EXP OnDemand FREE for full conference registrants for six months, giving you access to an unprecedented number of additional contact hours through December 2020.

So, go on and make your argument to your boss, but make sure you do it soon! And if you need some help, we've created a handy approval template for you to download to use. Good luck!

And if you've done such a great job of convincing your boss that he thinks all of your coworkers will benefit from the conference... we’ve got fantastic group rates for your company! You're welcome; now go enjoy your victory lap!