Leading From the Front: AIHce EXP Keynote Featuring Dr. Sudip Bose


Throughout the years, AIHce EXP keynote speakers have provided inspirational speeches on leadership development, teamwork, and trust to improve professional performances and reach new professional and personal milestones. From entrepreneurs like Rich Karlgaard; military exemplars like U.S. Air Force Colonel Kirk Philips; and former U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot, Carey Lohrenz; to the executive director and founder of the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing, Leslie Saxon, the keynote speakers at AIHce EXP know how to inspire their audiences.

This year, the keynote of AIHce EXP’s opening session, sponsored by SGS Galson, will help the audience find their grit and be the leader they want to be. AIHA is proud to welcome Dr. Sudip Bose, one of the world’s leading physicians, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, Bronze Star recipient, and CNN Hero. Dr. Bose will share lessons from the emergency room and the battlefield on how to lead and perform under pressure.

As a battalion surgeon during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Bose knows a thing or two about working under extreme pressure: during the Second Battle of Fallujah, he provided medical care in the streets while protected by overhead snipers!

At AIHce EXP 2020, Dr. Bose will take the extreme life situations he faced during deployment in Iraq and apply them to today’s typical work-life setting, providing insights on how to make tough decisions in high pressure situations. Attendees will get a glimpse into the life experience of what our American heroes went through in a war zone. His powerful leadership lessons and stories teach the value of innovation, teamwork, prioritization, and tenacity – especially in high pressure situations.

In today’s rapidly changing world, what sets an effective leader apart from the rest is the ability to make critical decisions under immense pressure. Join us at AIHce EXP 2020 for the great opportunity to learn from someone who can inspire, educate, and motive with valuable lessons learned from the frontline of both combat and the emergency room.

Opening session and coffee sponsored by