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Our Commitment to You for 2022

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The past two years have been challenging for all of us, especially in regard to your virtual conference experience with AIHce EXP. As we prepare to once again meet in person in Nashville, we know we must renew our commitment to each and every one of you by going above and beyond to maintain (or perhaps regain) your trust in AIHce.

So, my staff and I have been meeting to anticipate the need to enhance both on-site and virtual conference experiences. After thoughtful discussion, we recognize that concentrating on the “basics” of the overall conference experience is the best path forward. This means carefully reviewing attendee feedback, conducting a risk assessment, and committing to continual improvement.

To effectively evaluate attendee feedback, we first went back through session evaluations and post-conference surveys from the last few years. In preparation for next year, we have gone a step further by hiring a market research firm – Minding Your Business – to conduct a deeper dive survey as well as focus groups about the conference experience. As a result of this work, we have critical intelligence that will help us improve the overall conference experience (both in-person and virtually) in 2022 and beyond.

To provide better control over how the virtual event platform will perform, we have contracted with a risk management firm. They will conduct extensive testing and evaluation of the various elements that make up this platform, thereby enhancing the virtual conference option for those unable to attend in person. We are confident this extra due diligence will enable us to deliver a superior virtual experience.

My staff and I are confident about the path forward and publicly confirm our renewed commitment to excellence for AIHce EXP 2022. For our virtual attendees, this means seamlessly connecting to our technology platform and accessing the first-class education and ample networking opportunities you would expect to enjoy in person.

Thank you for sticking by us these past couple of years as we navigate the unexpected and uncertain. We value your time and commitment to AIHA.


Lawrence D. Sloan, FASAE, CAE

Chief Executive Officer

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