PDC 101: Eight Skills for Conflict Management and Resolution

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What Is This Course?

This 7-hour professional development course (PDC), titled “Eight Skills for Conflict Management and Resolution,” will work through the various facets and stages of conflicts, including how to prepare for, prevent, and manage conflicts of different magnitudes, and achieving positive resolutions for as many as possible. This course will help you return to your work with a much deeper knowledge of conflict management tools, techniques, and strategies, which the instructor, Jonathan Klane, M.S.Ed., CIH, CSP, has developed and employed over the course of his industrial hygiene/occupational and environmental health (IH/OEHS) career.

Why Should You Attend?

Over his decades-long career, Klane has found that he has been hired more often for his conflict management skills than for his technical IH/OEHS knowledge or Certified Industrial Hygienist qualification. He has found that the marriage of both hard and soft skills is critical for IH/OEHS professional and career development—and that it comes in handy in settings outside of the workplace, too.

As an IH/OEHS professional, you are probably often in the position of trying to persuade people to do things that they don’t want to do—a challenging process that doesn’t always go smoothly. In this PDC, you and your co-attendees will discuss and work through conflict management case stories from Klane’s career as well as any that you or others might choose to share. You’re encouraged to ask questions about conflict situations relevant to your work—for example, how might you convince a reluctant worker to come in clean-shaven and wear a half-face respirator?

What Will You Learn?

Attendees will practice techniques like active listening, employing empathic statements, perspective sharing, relationship building, and narrative development in breakout rooms—small virtual discussion groups that will split from and rejoin the main course throughout the day.

This course will also discuss and teach you to:

  • Separate people from problems.
  • Tackle problems assertively while remaining empathic.
  • Recruit all involved parties to the problem-solving process.
  • Reduce all parties’ ego involvement.
  • Limit the “win-lose” mental dichotomy.
  • Share and co-develop narratives to build solidarity.

Who Is Your Instructor?

Jonathan Klane, M.S.Ed., CIH, CSP, has been an IH/OEHS professional for more than 30 years as a consultant, trainer, professor, and safety director in various industries, and now works as director of Risk Management and Safety Education for BioRAFT, a provider of digital risk management solutions. Over the course of his career, he has managed conflicts involving exhibitors, researchers, office workers and management, grad students, and other parties. Klane considers most of these incidents to have been successfully resolved and all of them to have been learning opportunities.

Having also taught conflict management in an MBA program, Klane has held this PDC at multiple AIHce conferences. He is also currently completing a Ph.D. in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, for which he studies risk perception, cognitive bias, decision-making, and how these professions are affected by narrative and persuasion theories.

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