Safety Considerations During AIHce EXP 2021

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While the professional landscape of 2021 is still in flux, AIHA is optimistic in our planning to host AIHce EXP 2021 on-site in Dallas. We know many of you are ready to network, learn, and perform other activities related to your professional advancement in person. Our goal is to allow you to do that safely in Dallas.

On-site at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas, the conference will feel different from previous years. Firstly, all on-site attendees will undergo a symptom screening and temperature check before entering the convention center. The venue itself and all rooms inside will have separate entrances and exits to ensure consistent foot traffic patterns. You may encounter one-way aisles and other event configurations that will reduce your chances of being exposed to viruses. Center staff and our supplier partners will sanitize rooms and equipment before and after every event.

AIHA will encourage attendees to wear masks and maintain a 6-foot minimum distance from each other. For physical distancing practices to continue during events, AIHA will reduce the amount of seating per room and increase the space between booths in the Expo Hall by 10 linear feet. However, this means attendees who arrive at events after room capacity has been reached may not enter. Instead, you will have the opportunity to attend that session virtually while seated elsewhere in the center or back in your hotel room. The AIHce EXP 2021 virtual program will be fully available to accommodate you.

Other precautions include a policy of reducing the number of surfaces touched by multiple people, including papers passed back and forth between attendees and staff, which may play a role in virus transmission. Items provided in physical paper form at previous conferences, such as tickets, program guides, and AIHA booth inventory lists, will be offered online if possible. Also, AIHce EXP will provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the convention center for your use. The AIHA Booth experience will also be changing; we will detail these changes in a future update.

For those attendees who wish to attend AIHce EXP virtually, we will have a comprehensive and expanded virtual program built off the 2021 in-person experience. This includes all educational sessions and many Professional Development Courses. The virtual program will also feature exclusive presenter, sponsor, and guest interviews. Virtual attendees will reduce their travel costs and the comparatively higher risk of traveling and attending on-site events. If you are primarily interested in getting AIHce EXP's educational opportunities for the best economical rate, consider registering for the virtual conference.

Full conference registrations in either format (in-person or virtual) also include the full session recordings in AIHce EXP OnDemand.

AIHA will provide more information on staying healthy and safe at AIHce EXP 2021 as the conference approaches. In the meantime, feel reassured that we are working nonstop to ensure your safety at the next AIHce EXP.

Thank you to our AIHce EXP 2021 sponsors:

We are currently accepting proposals for AIHce EXP 2022 through September 15, 2021. Learn more.