Save on Registration Fees by Attending as a Group

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Are several IH/OEHS colleagues at your company planning to attend AIHce EXP 2021? If you plan to attend together - even if you've already registered - you might qualify for one of AIHA’s discount group registration rates.

It can be expensive to attend a conference, and some organizations have reduced their professional development budgets due to pandemic-related issues. AIHA makes attending AIHce easier with several discount opportunities. Foremost is the group discount: when at least ten employees of the same organization register for AIHce EXP, all registrants pay at least $699 for their registration fee. This means your group ultimately pays less than if they had each registered individually. The amount of the discount varies based on the size of the group. Each member of a group numbering 10-19 AIHce attendees will receive $25 off their registration fee. Groups of 20-34 attendees receive $50 off per person. Groups of 35-59 receive a $75 per-person discount. If you attend as a member of a group of 60 or more, you and all your colleagues will each receive $100 off the price of your registration.

Each group registrant receives access to the full virtual conference and AIHce EXP OnDemand, a service that will host recordings of AIHce educational sessions starting 6-8 weeks after the event. Everyone who registers with a group will still attend events according to their schedules and obtain contact hours for CIH recertification at their paces. The group discount helps more IH/OEHS professionals and organizations benefit from the learning opportunities offered at AIHce EXP.

Besides the monetary discount, attending the conference with a group of colleagues grants social and professional benefits. If you follow the same sessions, you can text or chat virtually about the ongoing presentation in real-time—perhaps one of you picks up on information or has an insight that the others miss. If you attend separate sessions on mutual interest topics, you can exchange notes and tell each other about the session afterward. This is especially helpful if one of you must miss a session due to schedule conflicts. Regardless, staying connected with friends and professional contacts is particularly important when many people are still working from home!

For more information, refer to the group rates page on the AIHce EXP website or email Bethany Chirico.

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