Sponsorships That Make Sense

Sponsorships that make sense

It’s no secret that AIHce EXP, with over 4,000 attendees and 225 exhibitors, is the “must-attend” event for occupational and environmental health and safety professionals of all career levels. It is also the prime time our attendees explore the newest innovations being featured in our Expo. For an industry partner, THIS is the time to shine while our attendees are at their most receptive.

Who are our attendees?

Let’s take a moment to recognize our amazing industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety professionals and the very important work they do. This is a community of highly educated, hard-working individuals who take on the not-so-glamorous world of analyzing, identifying, and measuring workplace hazards that lead to illnesses, disabilities, and – sometimes – casualties.

They eat, sleep, and breathe ways to keep us and our loved ones out of harm’s way in our work, and their efforts affect nearly all of us on a daily basis.

Our industry partners are a very important part of a symbiotic relationship that equip our attendees with the knowledge and tools to more efficiently and effectively continue that work. Sponsorship is an excellent way for attendees to recognize your support and expertise, even before you touch down in Atlanta.

What does sponsorship say to our attendees?

  • We are invested in your industry; therefore, we are invested in you.
  • We want a relationship that goes beyond the transactional.
  • We provide meaningful experiences that stay with you after the event.
  • We are fun and creative.
  • Our values align with yours.

Sponsorship can demonstrate that you are a committed and reliable industry partner.

What makes a successful sponsorship strategy?

The easy and broader definition of a successful sponsorship is finding the right activation that connects a sponsor’s objectives and goals to an attendee’s needs and wants.

What are some things our attendees want?

  • Top notch education and thought leadership
  • New and non-traditional learning and networking opportunities
  • Knowledge of what’s new from industry experts
  • Moments of fun and delight
  • Transformative experiences that align their professional goals with their personal values

How does sponsorship meet some of your objectives?

Brand Visibility

Being an AIHce EXP sponsor showcases your brand not only in front of a large audience, but also in front of the right audience. Sponsoring at AIHce EXP elevates your brand in front of a proven and pre-qualified audience that needs and utilizes the products and services offered by you and your competitors.

Whether digital or print is your preference, there are a multitude of eye-catching ways to increase brand awareness this year in Atlanta.

Attendee Perception

Are you new to this audience or run a smaller outfit? How will customers form positive and memorable associations about your business when comparing you to the bigger companies with larger booth footprints? Sponsorship can help level that playing field and boost customer confidence in your business.

All AIHce EXP 2020 tiered sponsors receive attention via a press release, social media exposure, and are featured on our conference’s website, in our Final Program, and on-site signage. So many possibilities!

Booth Traffic and Lead Generation

By now, you’ve no doubt experienced that sometimes not-so-graceful balancing act of capturing leads while simultaneously trying to build rapport with an attendee, and before you accomplish either, they’ve moved on.

From participating in the very popular Pathway Passport program to hosting a badge-required event, we offer several opportunities where we do the lead capture and free you up to do what you do best: connect and build relationships with IH/OHs who actively need your services.

Community Goodwill

Our attendees are passionate about their profession and see AIHce EXP as more than just an occasion to learn and network. By aligning your company with an event your target audience is passionate about, you will be more likely to create a stronger, lasting connection with them.

In addition to our AIHF Fun Run, which supports our mission of furthering IH education, this year we are offering opportunities that focus on health and wellness, sustainability, and benefit some local Atlanta charities such as our Yappy Hour event. We’ll even be setting up a 9-hole putt-putt course around the Expo that is sure to inspire a sense of fun and healthy competition.

Thought Leadership and Expertise

If you’ve been to AIHce EXP before, you may have noticed that our attendees are highly engaged and hungry for content beyond the traditional classroom.

They want to learn around-the-clock and in a variety of environments, so we’re providing experiential learning via pop-up sessions, Sunset Sessions, a Total Worker Health (TWH) Track, a Lessons in Leadership Series for our students and early career professionals, and of course, we will continue to offer our Learning Pavilion sessions in the Expo. Partnering with us on any of these is a perfect way to combine your area expertise with their love of learning.

Sponsorship is a smart and effective way to ensure you get the attention you deserve in the way you intend. By harnessing the power of our robust marketing campaign, you are setting the stage for success in Atlanta and beyond.

So much to consider

Sounds like a lot to take in, right? Sponsorship at AIHce EXP has an exponential effect because it's the best way to elevate your expertise, quality, mission, and more to reach an influential audience of professionals dedicated to making the world a better, and healthier, place.

AIHce EXP 2020 offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to meet your marketing and ROI objectives. Contact Laura Cilano Garcia to explore ways to up your game at this year’s conference.