Using the CareerAdvantage Fair to Further Your Professional Journey

Career Advantage

Are you ready for a little secret? So, we all are aware of the many platforms that help job seekers land their (almost) dream job. But when it comes to a niche industry like industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety, such platforms are scarce.

Enter our secret: CareerAdvantage! This is an online resource where employers can post jobs and track submissions, and candidates can post their resumes and apply for jobs — all in one place. Plus, there is no fee for job seekers!

“AIHA’s CareerAdvantage program is a holistic approach to helping IH/OEHS professionals looking for their next career milestone or a new challenge in the diverse field of worker health and safety,” says Wanda Barbour, Manager of Career and Development at AIHA. “We not only connect IH/OEHS professionals with their next job, but we also help them build their resume of accomplishments and experiences that will make them as competitive as possible in the job market.”

Network to Impress at AIHce

The CareerAdvantage Fair, held virtually at AIHce EXP, is the perfect opportunity for you to advance your career and make important contacts — whether you’re an occupational and environmental health and safety professional or an employer looking for top talent.

Every year at AIHce EXP, CareerAdvantage hosts several events for job seekers and employers, including speed networking, resume counseling, career workshops, and virtual interview practice and consultation. These events provide you with important feedback for your next interview or job search and help if you're looking to move up internally.

The CareerAdvantage Fair also provides employers and OEHS professionals a chance to mingle and make important contacts. It’s not just about finding a job; it’s about developing your career in a rounded way.

Year-Round Career Development Assistance

One of the best features of CareerAdvantage is the resume critique and career advice available to candidates throughout the year. Whether you’re an employer or a candidate seeking a job, be sure to keep your profile and information updated. Are you an employer searching for top-tier talent? Our CareerAdvantage platform works better for you as well - if you use it frequently, such as to check for updates and get real-time statistics on your job postings.

If you have any questions about our best-kept secret, please contact Wanda Barbour.

Get Virtually Ahead; Rise Above Your Competition

Be sure to stop by AIHA's virtual booth, where you can see a few CareerAdvantage presentations on EXP+. You'll learn how to stand out in an interview for both a promotion at your current company as well as if you're on the job hunt. For those who are new to the profession or just out of university, looking for your first job or an internship can be challenging. Having guidance on how to prepare for your search and how to prepare for an interview is invaluable. What is essential? How do you find the right fit? We'll answer those questions for you and more.

There's a lot of great career tools and workshops slated for AIHce EXP 2021 this year. Just because we've gone virtual doesn't mean we can't help you network, practice, and assist in securing your next great position. Make sure you take a little time during our virtual conference to consider your career path - and know that the CareerAdvantage Fair is ready to assist.

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