What Does a Hybrid AIHce EXP Look Like?

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AIHce EXP 2021 will be different from previous conferences. It’s been redesigned as a hybrid event, combining activities held on-site at the Dallas convention center with a substantial virtual program. Upon registration, you will decide whether to attend your EXPerience as one that includes both on-site and online access or a wholly virtual conference one.

To help make this decision, identify your goals for AIHce EXP and prioritize events to attend that will help you meet those goals. From there, you can choose what program is best for you. AIHA’s advice on drafting an approval letter to your organization may also be useful when planning your conference experience.

For example, AIHce EXP 2021 offers incomparable education, both in sessions and on the expo floor. The conference is also an excellent opportunity to network with other IH/OEHS professionals. Forming relationships with peers from a wide range of backgrounds may help you find future jobs, build your confidence and reputation, and meet mentors, profession-wide leaders, and lifelong friends. At the 2021 conference, networking can be as simple as going for a physically-distanced lunch with another attendee. Full registration for the virtual conference allows you to attend some virtual networking events. Still, there is a greater chance of meeting a new acquaintance if you’re physically present. If your main goal for AIHce EXP is to expand your network, consider attending in person, but be prepared to follow physical distancing practices.

However, if you are most interested in the conference’s educational offerings but health conditions or concerns about travel and being in closer proximity to others, you are probably best off signing up for the online-only conference. Many educational sessions and PDCs will take place simultaneously in-person and online, while others will be in-person or online-only events. AIHce EXP OnDemand, a service offering online recordings of most sessions, is included with full registration to both the on-site and virtual versions of the conference and will be released in the weeks afterward.

At this time, it is unclear when the COVID-19 pandemic will subside, so all on-site events in 2021 will follow physical distancing guidelines and other pandemic safety practices. Compared to previous conferences, in-person attendance in session rooms will be limited to the maximum capacities permitted by state and local regulations. Keep this in mind when traveling to an on-site event. If a session’s room capacity is already at its limit, you will need to attend the event online.

We know you choose annually AIHce EXP as your blue ribbon of education, networking, and engagement. Now you can choose the AIHce EXPerience that best suits your comfort level. Use your judgment to determine whether joining the conference’s in-person events or taking part from your home or office is the best choice for you. Either way, we look forward to "seeing you" in Dallas!

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