What’s the Benefit of Attending PDCs?

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Education sessions aren’t the only opportunities to learn that are hosted by AIHce EXP. Attendees can also register for professional development courses (PDCs): formalized learning experiences taught by topic experts and held on the days before and after the main conference—Saturday, May 22; Sunday, May 23; and Thursday, May 27. PDCs require a separate registration from the main conference and occur over 4-hour, 8-hour, and 16-hour time blocks.

Compared to the education sessions offered during the main conference, PDCs offer more profound and practical investigations of industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety. In past years, PDCs have permitted hands-on experiences that allowed attendees to engage with the topics being covered personally. AIHce EXP 2021 will once again be an entirely virtual experience, held via a platform specializing in large online events, which significantly limits hands-on learning opportunities. However, this year’s virtual PDCs are still well worth attending.

Virtual PDCs offer an interactive, in-depth educational experience akin to their physical counterparts. Although some of the 2021 virtual PDCs will be prerecorded, many will be presented live. Attendees and presenters are encouraged to interact with each other through the virtual platform’s discussion, poll, and Q&A tabs. The Q&A function comes with an “upvote” feature that boosts popular questions toward the top of the tab, and Attendees can use the chat function for attendees to talk with each other during the course. Making use of these functions and attending PDCs with colleagues with whom you can compare notes afterward may make your virtual learning experience more rewarding.

Live PDCs also allow the “breakout room” option—similar to a group discussion period that temporarily separates from and then rejoins the rest of the course—during which attendees can talk to each other via audio and video. Many presenters will supplement their instruction with video demonstrations and breakout room group activities.

Overall, attending a PDC—or two or possibly more—allows you to work more closely with an instructor and your peers and to learn more information at a greater depth and level of practical application compared to the hour-long educational sessions during the main conference. PDCs are your option for when you’re truly fascinated by the details of a topic and want more than an introduction to it. You will leave your PDC with practical tools to use when practicing industrial hygiene/occupational and environmental health and safety in the workplace.

The final virtual PDC schedule is still in development and will be released in the coming weeks. Note that PDC registration is separate from registration for the main conference, and each requires its own fee. For some PDCs, you’ll have the option to purchase access to the recordings after the conference.

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