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Why Be an AIHce EXP Sponsor?

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With AIHce EXP returning as an in-person event, the 2022 conference offers new, creative opportunities for exhibitors considering sponsorship. Particularly through the conference's innovative sponsored content opportunities, sponsors can become more of a part of the AIHce EXP educational program this year than at any previous conference. In 2022, sponsoring organizations should view AIHce EXP as a chance to educate attendees in ways that enhance both their credibility and visibility.

Creating sponsored content helps organizations connect more meaningfully and memorably with potential clients than is often possible through traditional advertising. For example, does your organization offer a particular product that will demonstrably make AIHce EXP attendees' lives and work easier? Then you might consider booking an Innovation Station presentation: for 25 minutes, you can show off your product to an interested audience of Expo Hall visitors.

Or perhaps your organization has participated in groundbreaking research, developed compelling new technology, or otherwise created knowledge you can't easily convey through a 25-minute presentation. In this case, you can arrange an hour-long Learning Pavilion presentation. These private sessions go beyond a sales pitch—they are opportunities for organizations to establish themselves as leaders in occupational and environmental health and safety. For attendees, Learning Pavilion sessions are a chance to learn about significant new developments in the OEHS field and earn CIH certificate maintenance points. For organizations, they are a chance to speak in-depth on their work to a knowledgeable audience and generate leads.

Other sponsored content channels open before, during, and after the conference include sponsored blog posts, email blasts (eblasts), and social media posts. Blog posts will be published on and are a great way to expand on your organization's products, services, knowledge, or technology in text form. In an eblast, AIHA will email a sponsor’s copy and images to the Association's members, AIHce EXP 2022 registrants, or both—in this way, your organization may communicate information about significant developments and product launches when your audience is most receptive. Sponsored social media posts are a new offering: organizations can choose either to book a month of sponsored posts that will appear across all of AIHA's social media platforms—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram—or a one-day "social media takeover," in which their messaging will be shared prominently on the AIHA account of their choice.

While AIHce EXP is emphasizing the on-site conference this year, there are additional ways of connecting with virtual attendees. Organizations that book Innovation Station or Learning Pavilion time can upgrade as part of the virtual conference; their prerecorded presentations will be available for virtual attendees to watch at their leisure. The AIHce EXP Advance and Final Programs will be available exclusively online this year, and organizations are invited to augment their program listings with still images, videos, or animated advertisements. Web banner space on is one more virtual advertising option.

For organizations that want to take complete advantage of AIHA's marketing support, the Association's tiered sponsorship package is made available after the purchase of at least $10,000 in sponsorship opportunities. Tiered sponsors are embedded fully in AIHA's 2022 AIHce EXP communication plan: they will be highlighted explicitly via the AIHce EXP website, official emails, social media accounts, Advance and Final Programs, on-site signage, and the AIHce EXP mobile app before, during, and after the conference.

Finally, consider investing in making the conference fun by sponsoring Expo Hall activities such as the Pathway Passport Program or mini-golf. If your organization specializes in personal protective equipment or clothing, you may consider showing it off in AIHce EXP's inaugural Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Fashion Show.

You can view the complete list of 2022 on-site and virtual sponsorship opportunities in the AIHce EXP 2022 Exhibitor Prospectus (PDF). For more information, visit the advertising and sponsorship opportunities and sponsored content opportunities pages on the AIHce EXP 2022 website. Current and prospective exhibitors may contact Alison Daniels, AIHA’s Senior Manager of Expositions, or Laura Cilano Garcia, Program Director for Strategic Partnerships, regarding sponsorships.

Thank you to our AIHce EXP 2023 sponsors: