Why Do We Have Sponsors at AIHce EXP?

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Perhaps it seems to you that sponsorship is just high-profile advertising. Or perhaps you think about it the same way you do any other piece of conference scenery—that is, barely at all. But maybe you’ve wondered whether sponsorship does anything for you as a conference attendee. Think of it this way: sponsorship helps AIHA put together a complete conference experience and helps you better connect with individuals and organizations that share your values.

Sponsorship as Communication

Sponsorship is a creative way for organizations to communicate with attendees. This communication can be as simple as highlighting a product or service, but for a better idea of the purpose of sponsorship, look at several AIHce EXP industry partners' values.

SGS Galson, a company that offers equipment for industrial hygiene sampling and analysis, states that its mission is to “provide industrial hygiene, environmental health, and safety professionals with the most effective means to obtain data to protect people from hazardous exposures.” The company’s page adds that it will do so “on time with unmatched service, quality, and integrity.”

Industrial Scientific states that its gas detection products “protect workers from hazardous conditions around the world.” Its mission is “preserving human life on, above, and below the earth” so that workers in those environments can come home from their jobs in one piece.

Compare these values with AIHA’s mission statement: “Empowering those who apply scientific knowledge to protect all workers from occupational hazards.” Sponsorship at AIHce EXP is a way for organizations to convey that their missions and values align with AIHA and its members. It’s a way of signaling to you as industrial hygiene or occupational and environmental health and safety professionals that these organizations are prepared to support you on your journey to protect worker health.

Sponsorship as Investment

In addition to supporting you as an individual professional, sponsoring organizations also aim to demonstrate that they’re committed to investing in the IH/OEHS field as a community.

This enables AIHce EXP to produce a greater depth and breadth of content than it could have otherwise, resulting in a richer experience for attendees. By extension, it benefits the whole profession.

At past conferences, sponsoring organizations have helped AIHce EXP produce fun networking events and interactive educational experiences such as Learning Pavilion demonstrations, the Lunch and Learn series, and the First Timers’ Webinar and Meet and Greet.

Sponsorship also helps build our pipeline of future IH/OEHS professionals. By supporting this year’s AIHF Virtual Fun Run, which will occur May 10-June 8, companies like Amazon, Alliant, Steel Dynamics Inc., and Chubb Global Risk Advisors are helping to fulfill the AIHF mission of raising scholarship funds for funding education and professional development in industrial hygiene and related disciplines.

This highly anticipated event in which IH/OEHS professionals participate, often with their families, in either a 2.5 km walk, a 5 km run, or a 10 km bike ride, is not only an opportunity for organizations to invest in the literal and metaphorical health of the IH/OEHS profession, it’s also a chance for you to enjoy yourself and do good for your professional community as well. Sponsorship like this benefits everyone.

At AIHce EXP 2021, you might connect with an organization that you plan to work with in the future, possibly by purchasing their products or paying for their services. But essentially, AIHce EXP is an opportunity for you to improve yourself, and sponsorship is a tool that AIHA uses to empower that.

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Thank you to our AIHce EXP 2021 sponsors:

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