Why Should Your Company Be an AIHce EXP Virtual Exhibitor?

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During a typical year, over 3,900 IH/OEHS professionals attend AIHce EXP, most of whom can research, influence, or approve their organizations’ purchasing decisions. So far, 2021 is not a typical year—but AIHce EXP 2020, AIHA’s first entirely virtual conference, attracted 1,900 attendees despite the sudden change resulting from the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. The 2020 Virtual Exhibitor Directory was viewed over 11,500 times by 3,454 unique visitors that generated 1,800 leads.

In 2021, the AIHce virtual platform will continue to be an excellent forum for contacting IH/OEHS decision-makers based around your company’s virtual exhibition booth. Hosting a virtual booth at AIHce EXP is an effective opportunity for companies in the IH/OEHS field to generate leads, deliver content, and create brand awareness.

The virtual booth will be a page customizable to your company’s brand that AIHce attendees can visit during the conference to learn about your company, view your product categories, and access your linked content, which could include videos, images, PDFs, or social media accounts. The booth allows you to upload one image or video each, which you can use to demonstrate specific products or services you offer. Viewers will also be able to set up meetings, hold video conferences, or chat virtually with up to three of your representatives—or, if they don’t have time to meet, they can leave a virtual business card that they can use to answer up to three questions that you, the exhibitor, might ask them. You’ll receive a list of leads generated—that is, all AIHce attendees who favorited your virtual booth, interacted with your representatives, or submitted a business card—within one week after the conference. Your virtual booth will also display a list of registered attendees who share your company’s URL extension so that visitors can reach out to their peers and colleagues at your company if they wish to.

But you don’t have to wait for attendees to come to you: the virtual platform also allows you to reach out to them proactively. The virtual platform’s algorithm automatically matches virtual booths and attendees based on their shared preferences, helping you to connect with IH/OEHS professionals most interested in working with you. As an exhibitor, you’ll also access and search the attendee list, apply filters to identify up-and-coming individuals, and make contact with them.

Do you have a product, service, or skill that you particularly want to showcase? Consider hosting a virtual Learning Pavilion Presentation, the equivalent of on-site Learning Pavilion demonstrations. With the Virtual Learning Pavilion Package, you can record a video presentation of up to 25 minutes in length, in which you could teach your viewers a new skill or demonstrate the use or applications of a piece of equipment, instrument, technology, research method, or other material. Your presentation will be broadcast at a date and time of your choosing, promoted on the AIHce website, and in the conference agenda and final program. It will be accessible for on-demand viewing during and after the conference.

AIHA also offers conference exhibitors multiple online advertising opportunities, including full-screen ads customizable with video or animation and space in the New Product Guide, a directory in the final conference program.

Final rates for virtual exhibitor packages are available now. For more information, email Alison Daniels, AIHA’s exhibitions manager.

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