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Elevate your brand through sponsorship

As an exhibitor, rest assured that we are already promoting your participation to our attendees. However, as our thousands of OHS professionals are exploring and assessing the multitude of products and services being featured in our Expo, how will yours truly resonate?

Our aim is to enhance your exposure, strengthen your credibility, and help set you up for increased lead conversions. By partnering with us, your brand will be featured in front of thousands of industrial hygiene and occupational health professionals across the country and beyond. 

AIHceEXP is the prime time to shine in front of your target market and sponsorship is the ideal way to leverage our robust marketing campaign to extend your influence from the time an attendee has registered to well after they've returned home. 

Looking for new business? We’ve got you covered: AIHceEXP attracts a new attendee average of 25%. With one in four attendees potentially interacting with your brand for the first time, how will you make that first impression? 

We’ve got a lot to talk about in 2020 and so do you! Let’s work together to get the word out about what new and exciting solutions you’re unveiling so you can enjoy a higher ROI from your trade show efforts. Why not incorporate sponsorship as a key part of a winning AIHce EXP sales and marketing strategy?

Choose from a wide variety of opportunities that can amplify your presence via:

Befo​re the Event

Think attendees are not paying attention prior to the conference? Think again! Statistics have shown that nearly 90% of attendees research and pre-plan their experience before setting foot on-site at a major conference. Pre-conference marketing, such as advertising on our highly visited website, or in our newly digitized 2020 AIHce EXP Advance Program, is proven way to promote your presence and strengthen the connection attendees will have with your brand. 

During the Event

In a culture of overwhelming digital impressions, face-to-face connections matter more than ever. By leveraging our on-site sponsorship opportunities, you are personally inviting the attendee to join in your conversation and engage. By choosing an onsite activation such as hosting a Rise & Shine Breakfast session, or participating in the popular Pathway Passport contest, you are providing an interactive experience that will leave a more lasting impression.

After the Event and Beyond

Don't lose the great momentum you’ve already started at the conference! Many of our sponsorship packages include valuable post-event analytics and lead reports that will help you continue to connect with the qualified leads you uncovered onsite and capture the ones you didn't!

For more information and to collaborate on a customized opportunity, please contact AIHce Sponsorship.​

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