Dr. Sudip Bose

Opening Keynote: From Battlefield to COVID Emergency Room – Leadership under Pressure

From combat medical service in Iraq to the front lines of COVID-stricken emergency rooms, Dr. Bose takes audiences through some of his most daunting experiences leading in times of crisis. As one of America's foremost doctors on mass casualty, disaster care, PTSD, and now the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Bose passionately believes that, even in a world of doom and gloom, we can brave chaos, act confidently, and live healthily. With inspiring optimism, Dr. Bose shares battle-proven strategies to stay grounded in the face of overwhelming circumstances, lead under pressure, and make tough decisions.

As a battalion surgeon during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Bose’s service earned him the Bronze Star for the distinction of completing one of the longest combat tours by a physician since World War II. He is also the U.S. physician who treated Saddam Hussein after U.S. forces captured him from the spider hole.

During the Second Battle of Fallujah, he provided medical care in the streets while being protected by overhead snipers — he understands how to thrive in the extreme. Dr. Bose is one of America’s most experienced doctors on mass casualty, disaster care, and PTSD. He most recently designed a two-year emergency training program for the ER team in Odessa, Texas. Incredibly, his highly prepared team was able to put his cutting-edge principles into action following the horrific shootings there in 2019.

He characterizes his service in the Army as a humbling and transformational experience. He talks about the profound impact of treating war casualties, performing life-saving procedures during raids and patrols, and offering humanitarian care in Baghdad.
Dr. Bose uses his experiences in the ER and on the battlefield to help audiences understand how to lead lives of impact and service — in the process, he shares the keys to staying grounded in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

His background and uplifting, positive attitude enable him to embrace countless new challenges and ventures — in medicine, entrepreneurship, personal health, and life — and he has become a vocal advocate for improved health care for Americans.

Selected as one of the Leading Physicians of the World by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, Dr. Bose is a practicing emergency physician and health correspondent for many national media outlets. He has appeared on the Dr. Oz show and frequently speaks on emergency medicine, mental health issues for veterans, PTSD, and promoting an individual’s healthy mind and body.

Because of his lifelong passion for veteran advocacy, Dr. Bose founded The Battle Continues, a 501c3 non-profit focused on helping veterans fight their health battles beyond combat.

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