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Guide for Virtual Groups

Virtual AIHce is a cost-effective way to bring the conference EXPerience to your group. The best part? Everyone can receive credit.

Group participation is available for the full virtual conference or PDCs. Note: in addition to the cost of your initial registration, there is a fee of $100 per additional group participant for those joining you. Depending on what you register for, you can save up to 80% per person! Online additional participant registration will close Monday, May 25, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. ET. If your group cannot meet this deadline, please contact​

Tasty Tip
Order breakfast, lunch, or snacks for your group. Or, organize it as a brown bag event, and encourage people to bring their lunch. Everyone is happier when there is food!​

What You Ne​ed to Know

  • One full or PDC registration is one connection/login 
  • After the initial registration fee, a low fee of $100 per participant​ will be assessed. Hosts can make one payment for all their participants or instruct participants to make this payment on their own.
  • All group participants can earn credit on an AIHA transcript 
  • Rebroadcasting the sessions to other locations via web conferencing or screen-sharing is not permitted
  • Review the Virtual Portal​ for information on system tests, tutorials, recording availability, group rosters, and instructions on submitting for credit

Here’s what you’ll need to make it a successful group event:

  • A conference room appropriate for the size of your group
  • An internet connection (wired recommended)
  • Projector, screen, and speakers so everyone can see and hear well
Participate Live
If you have questions, comments, or feedback during the broadcasts, take advantage of the live online chat to talk with other Virtual Conference participants and submit questions to the speakers!​

Before the Session

  • Discuss conceptions and assumptions; what level of experience do you have with the topic?
  • Document participants on your roster

During th​e Breaks

Take the opportunity to discuss the sessions. You might find it useful to designate a discussion leader to help facilitate conversation.

  • Compare and contrast what you are learning with your current practices
  • How can you apply the new learning to your own work environment or practice?
  • How does the new learning explain your current practices?
  • How does the new learning fit with your notion of what an industrial hygienist does?
  • Share other resources for this subject
  • Ask if anyone is willing to offer a dissenting view
Give Us Feedback
We’d love to hear if you organized a group and what worked well for you. If your group is feeling photogenic, take a picture and share it with us on social media using #AIHceEXP!​​

Afterwards, Receive Credits

Each person on your roster is eligible to receive credit if they complete the session evaluations.

Submit your roster to AIHA

  • Have each individual participant complete the online evaluations for the sessions they participated in
  • Proof of participation will be provided to all participants in their AIHA transcript
  • Once recordings are available, those who registered as group participants will receive access to the Virtual Conference session recordings for 90 days. If you would like access to all session recordings included in the full OnDemand package, consider registering for Full Virtual.


Contact Colleen Manning or Fatima Khan.

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