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Conflict Management Skills for OEHS Professionals (Monday, June 1, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM ET)

Building on AIHA's Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (aka Emotional Quotient) and Communicating with Impact webinars, this session is designed to provide soft skills development for OEHS professionals. Conflict management is a necessary skill in order to channel the energy of others into positive outcomes for all in any given situation.

Guided by a Conflict Resolution Coach, several case studies will be provided of situations specific to OEHS professionals as they deal with co-workers, supervisors, and vendors. Each case study will be examined and replayed to show how conflict management in action can provide better outcomes. From simple disagreements to crisis management, assessing the root cause of conflicts, including the emotions of involved parties, is essential to resolution of the conflict. Smart leaders also recognize that conflict may also improve a situation by using the options proposed by others in resolution for organizational improvement.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what conflicts and conflict resolution are, as a prelude to the conflict resolution process.
  2. Identify the creation of an effective atmosphere to provide mutual understanding for conflicted parties.
  3. Analyze the root cause of a conflict in order to assess optimal resolution by focusing on the needs of individuals in a conflict.
  4. Provide examples of how options are generated and evaluated for mutual gain in order to build a plan for resolution in the occupational setting.

Presenter: Celia A. Booth, CIH, CSP, ARM, is the Vice President of McC​affery & Associates, Inc., a historical document consulting firm specializing in research to support toxic tort litigation. Her civilian career encompasses 38 years in occupational safety and health practice, starting with safety surveys in a variety of industries to corporate safety and risk management with Fortune 500 companies. Her 25-year military career included safety surveys in shore and afloat facilities as well as leadership of three Naval Reserve units in three states. ​​​​​​​​​​

Emotional Intelligence / Self-Awareness Concepts for OEHS Professionals (Tuesday, June 2, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM ET)

Building on AIHA's Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (aka Emotional Quotient) and Communicating with Impact webinars, this session provides several case studies of situations that OEHS professionals may find themselves in when dealing with co-workers, supervisors, vendors, and regulatory agencies.

Guided by an Emotional Intelligence Coach, each case study will be thoroughly examined to show how emotional intelligence in action can provide better outcomes. This session will guide you to considering the development of your own personal emotional intelligence action plan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss emotional intelligence concepts as components for influencing others for positive outcomes in behavior in occupational settings.
  2. Identify self-awareness techniques to assist with personal management of interactions with others.
  3. Inform participants of methods to use in reading the emotions of those involved in situations.
  4. Provide examples of how to balance optimism and pessimism, including disagreeing constructively, can be done in the occupational setting.

Presenter: Tim Paz, CIH is a past Board Director of the Board for Global EHS Credentialing® (BGC®). He has over twenty years’ industrial hygiene experience in various industry sectors such as environment remediation, aerospace, healthcare, medical research and most recently, federal government facilities management. Tim is currently serving as a Senior Industrial Hygienist at the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Tim has a master of science degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Central Missouri and a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry from Southern Illinois University. He is certified in comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene (CIH) by the Board for Global EHS Credentialing® (BGC®). Tim previously served as the President of the St. Louis Local Section of AIHA and is currently serving as the Chair of the AIHA Mentoring and Professional Development Committee. Tim was recently elected to the Executive Advisory Committee for the newly formed Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to assist businesses with understanding the responsibility for the health and safety of their employees and to encourage students within the community to pursue STEM careers. He was also elected to the National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives (NAHFE)’s Board as National Secretary in July 2018.

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