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Total Worker Health® Track

In February 2018, AIHA entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with NIOSH to advance the goals of its Total Worker Health® (TWH) program, which promotes the safety, health, and well-being of workers. AIHA, as a NIOSH TWH Affiliate, has agreed to engage in a variety of collaborative activities including research; research translation; and the development and promotion of appropriate programs, policies, and practices, achieved through sponsorship of training, education forums, and other outreach initiatives. TWH includes exposure issues for workers at work and outside of work and the Industrial Hygienist community is the correct profession to work with the other scientific communities to deliver worker well-being. Following Kirk Phillips’ Total Exposure Health keynote address in AIHce EXP 2019, AIHA began efforts to begin work on delivering the “Totals” in the exposure sciences. The Total Worker Health Task Force, a limited term volunteer group reporting to the AIHA Board of Directors, was established by the AIHA Board of Directors in November 2019. One of the many projects this task force has already begun is to work with AIHA to establish a full three-day TWH track for AIHce EXP 2020. This TWH track will also be part of the virtual conference to provide the greatest audience possible. The need to reach a large audience underscores the importance of having industrial hygienists understand their role in TWH and be the source of exposure related information in the TWH program.

At AIHce EXP 2020, we are pleased to debut a comprehensive and in-depth track highlighting what you need to know about a holistic approach to worker well-being. The sessions in the track will introduce TWH and the role of industrial hygienists in delivering exposure-based information and taking action to promote TWH practices for workers in and out of the workplace. Presenters will introduce the concept of the “Totals:” Total Worker Health®, Total Worker Exposure, and Total Exposure Health, as well as define how they are related to each other. Presenters will explore the use of, and ethics of using, biometric and genetic data collection to assess total worker exposures, and a select group of debaters from the AIHA Fellows SIG will debate whether Total Worker and Exposure Health should become part of the IH’s everyday practice. Practical how-to information will be delivered in a presentation on how to initiate or participate in a Total Worker Health Program at your workplace. There will also be sessions which delve into exciting new developments in sensor technologies which are delivering tools which allow IHs to get to real-time, low cost and reliable data collection. Finally, topics which have industrial hygiene aspects but are further from traditional practice such as BioErgo surveillance, occ health psychology, complicated risk profiles beyond but including exposure risk and fostering a culture of health in your workplace will be covered.

Come and spend your conference time fully in the TWH track or came and go to receive information which peaks your interest and enhances your understanding and role as an industrial hygienist in TWH.


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